Preventive Services:

Dental cleanings, also know as prophylaxis, are important to     maintain health of both teeth and gums.  During these appointments     you will receive an oral cancer screening and any necessary x-rays     needed to complete the examination of your teeth and gums.

Deep Cleaning:

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease, chances are you will need some degree of scaling and root planing. This procedure is typically done to remove deep tartar or calculus deposits from below     the gum line.


In an effort to prevent cavities from forming we place dental sealants on newly erupted permenant back teeth in children. Sealants are a resin coating which is painted on the chewing surfaces of the     teeth and light cured.

Night Guards:

Many people have clenching and grinding habits which can cause pain     in their TMJ and cause teeth to fracture or crack.  The wearing of a  night guard can help alleviate TMJ symptoms and reduce wear and stress fractures on the teeth.


Also known as caps, crowns are natural looking covers that are     cemented to your own teeth to conceal and protect cracked, badly     discolored, heavily filled or broken teeth.  They are also used after any root canal procedures to prevent the tooth from fracturing.


These are very thin porcelain covers which are bonded to the fronts of teeth to improve the color, size, or positioning of the teeth. They require minimal drilling to the teeth.

Restorations (Fillings):

Even with use of fluorides and good home care, most people still can get cavities.  We are amalgam (silver) free and only place Composite (tooth colored, esthetic) restorations.


When a tooth is lost an implant may be the best way to replace it without touching the adjacent teeth.  These titanium screws act like roots which become anchored in your jaw bone.  Patients will be referred to an oral  surgeon to have the implant placed.  Once the treatment is completed you will return to our office for the final     restoration.

Dentures and Partials:

Although many people are keeping their own teeth longer, paritals can be used to replace multiple missing teeth.  Full dentures are  complete replacements for those who are missing all their teeth.

Mouth Guards:

We offer custom made mouth guards for athletes of all ages.  You can     choose from a variety of colors!


    If you are looking for whiter teeth, we can help.  We offer a  variety of whitening options to fit your needs from in office bleaching to take home methods.

Nitrous Oxide:

This will relax you prior to any procedures being started.